Rebuild and Restore the Lives of  Communities Devastated by War
Christian Reaching Ministry (CRM)
Working with the people of South Sudan and the global community to provide, health care, education, Agriculture  and support to develop acceptable standards of education, social justice and equity for the South Sudan.

Rebuild and restore the lives of  Communities Devastated by War.
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Civil war is an issue which has always is as a diabolic evil in the society. It is a vexed
issue, since it destroys the childhood of many innocent souls. A childhood which is
meant to play, to study and enjoy the little joys of life is wrecked by the evil of war. Civil
war is disquieting not just because of its nature, but because of its target i.e. children.
They are the future human resource of our country and have to blossom to their full
potential by the right inculcation of values, habits and education.

It is ironical. For every war that is started; for every country that is divided on social,
religious or political lines; for every ethnic group ravaged by strife, violence and
bloodshed; for every community torn apart by human fallacies - the worst sufferers
happen to be those who had nothing whatsoever to do with the escalating disruption.
The most vulnerable population in the world right now is refugee children, driven away
from the security of a protected and innocent childhood because the world is run by
grown-ups of the 50 million refugees and displaced people in the world, approximately
half are children.

Christian Reaching Ministry (CRM); a non-Governmental non Profit  organization,
officially registered with South Sudan Rehabilitation Commission SSRRC and
Government of the Republic of South Sudan.

Our Goals and Objectives

1. To support orphans and war affected children  of South Sudan through provision of the
basic needs such health, education, water and agriculture as well.
2. To train the community leaders; chiefs, women, youth and religious groups. 
3. To provide equal access education for both girls and boys
4. To promote gender equality.
5. To provide peace and conflict resolution for transformation of the society.
6. To interact with local and international organizations in pursuit of these objectives.
7. To work alongside, different local communities , government of South Sudan, authorities,
NGOs, Civil Societies and other International Organizations that support vulnerable
groups in South Sudan.
8. To educate the community on sanitation, hygiene and basic health care practices.
9. To conduct HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.
10. To seek funding to support the organizations goals and objectives.
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