Working with the people of South Sudan and the global community to provide, health care, education, Agriculture  and support to develop acceptable standards of education, social justice and equity for the South Sudan.

Rebuild and restore the lives of  Communities Devastated by War
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The Commercial farming in Northern Bahr-el-gazal State is not attractive as unreliable
rainfalls and some other factors that cause a great loss to the farmers. Not only that there are
very few Southern Sudanese with enough capital to run commercial farms, all they need are
hoes and seeds, returnees will not cultivate if they do not receive seeds. Their outputs do not
suffice their families' needs.
Four out of five of NBG citizens make their living on farming, raising livestock, or both. In
Aweil, food production is the single activity that absorbs the energy of the people and heavily
befalls on females. Rural women tend to the farming and domestic chores, while rural men
hold responsibility for grazing and herding. The civil war has destroyed much of the economy
in the South and caused significant loss of people, cattle, and crops. Rudimentary subsistence
is all that exist in the Aweil.
The objectives of the program are to improve food security, increase access to potable water,
addressing gender issues, and strengthen the capacity of Aweil’s local farmers
The government has not yet directed the Agricultural Bank to give loans to farmers, but how
many farmers in Southern Sudan have guarantees to bank loans even if it was allowed? There
are many odds against farming in the State of Northern Bahr-el-gazal State and yet it is a must
to provide food for the people in this part of the Sudan. Since the people are not well equipped
to produce their food requirements, the responsibility falls on the government and the donor of
the community and that regards , Christian Reaching Ministry has taken this initiative to
approach Government and Internationals organizations for the support to bring change to the
communities ; whom their lives has been devastated the civil war.  

Rebuild and Restore the Lives of  Communities Devastated by War
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