Working with the people of South Sudan and the global community to provide, health care, education, Agriculture  and support to develop acceptable standards of education, social justice and equity for the South Sudan.

Rebuild and restore the lives of  Communities Devastated by War
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Through the generous support of well-wishers, individuals, indigenous and International
organizations, in Northern Bhar EL Ghazal State Awiel, such as World Food Programme
(WFP) and Christian organizations in the United States of America i.e. Connecting Lives
International, Port City Community Church and Answering the Call. The Community
Rebuilding Mission (CRM) is able to provide a feeding program duped (“FEED the NEEDY
CHILD”) to the vulnerable children, orphaned girls and boys and formerly enslaved children
in Western Aweil, Northen Bahr El Gazal in the South Sudan. By feeding these children; you
are not only ensure a healthy living but also preparing them to be self-reliance in life, for a
hungry person is an angry person. These children have nowhere to go and no one to take care
of them. They are housed in a grass thatched houses built by CRM in collaboration with the
local community of Western Awiel, Akuak Rak

Shelter food and clean drinking water  is a basic human right, today CRM has been able to
temporarily provide some and plans are underway provide parmanent solutions those needs.
The project is enormous calling the support of the community and well wishers for it to be
realized. CRM has rallied the community . We are  pleased to report to you that about 96,050
bricks were made and burnt to construct the orphans school. The school construction has
started recently for above mentioned bricks 96,050 through some individuals and well wishers
assistance of 30 bags of cement to enable the community laid school foundation and has
reached to level of elevation and beam height.

We therefore call upon well wishes to support us give these needy community these basic
right “SHELTER ,FOOD & CLEAN DRINKING WATER ”. Your munificent gift in cash
or material form will go directly toward the needs of these children at Akuak Rak, Western
Awiel, Southern Sudan
Rebuild and Restore the Lives of  Communities Devastated by War
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