Working with the people of South Sudan and the global community to provide, health care, education, Agriculture  and support to develop acceptable standards of education, social justice and equity for the South Sudan.

Rebuild and restore the lives of  Communities Devastated by War
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Majority of people living in South Sudan survive from less than 1 $ a day. The development is
hampered, among many other economic issues, by continuous expansion of family members;
there are more than 1,000,000 orphans in South Sudan, most of these lost their parents due to
civil war. As most of the family finances are spent for a basic need - food, there is little left to
solve arising health problems. Most of the diseases are left untreated until the illness takes its

The top killing though preventable diseases are, respiratory infections, Malaria control,
HIV/AID , diarrhea diseases, tuberculosis, and other illnesses caused by high blood pressure,
Vitamin A and Iron deficiency.

The Health System is underfinanced with very few medical institutions and medical personnel
and short of necessary resources and drugs. The primary health care services in rural areas
are generally delivered by supplementary health workers such as home based care providers;
all of those inadequately trained or without any trainings at all, lacking necessary reference and
educational material.

CRM efforts to solve the problem by ensuring every family possess self-help, user and culture
friendly educational material guiding them on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common
diseases with necessary referrals to a trained health worker or clinic. CRM is supporting a
clinic at Akuak Rak, Achana, Aweil County to act as primary health care reference point for
the community. CRM is also giving local community leaders the capacity building in Aweil
North County throght  funds it recieved from BSF/HealthNet  TPO on Malaria control,
Hygiene and sanitation, HIV/AID , diarrhea diseases, tuberculosis,  .

We are faced with inadequate professional medical staff, shortages of medical supplies and
proper health facility to deliver this service effectively. We therefore call on well wishes to
support us deliver the same.
Rebuild and Restore the Lives of  Communities Devastated by War
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