Working with the people of South Sudan and the global community to provide, health care, education, Agriculture  and support to develop acceptable standards of education, social justice and equity for the South Sudan.

Rebuild and restore the lives of  Communities Devastated by War
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There are still many wars being fought today about 37 armed conflicts are going on around
the world. It is time the world put into action all the brilliant plans it had already come up
with in order to save these children. A poor orphaned refugee child with a hungry stomach
and a broken body, with no prospects in this world, deserves the best from this life as
much as any other child in the world. Let’s not let childhood go to waste.

We believe that it is a fundamental human right for every child is to go school regardless
of their religions and social status. The future of the community, government and private
sector lies in the hands of these young persons, amongst them are the presidents, doctors,
pilots, lawyers, politicians, teachers and engineers. The future will only be predictable if we
safeguard, build and utilize the resources we have in hand today .There is need to invest
and secure the future of children through education and as much as we strive to ensure that
the future is secure, it is also very important to ensure it happens equitable to every child,
CRM’s goal is to ensure that the less fortunate, the orphaned, needy and the formerly
enslaved children of south Sudan also get the privilege and access to education.

To achieve this CRM has initiated a Hope mission school project with 117 currently
enrolled pupils 45 being girls and 72 boys. The numbers are overwhelming with more
than 100 other registered children to the program but unaccomondated because of the
scarcity of learning materials, teachers, uniforms and the informal learning structures.
Therefore CRM seeks assistance from individuals of good will, and organizations of
goodwill to provide school uniforms, textbooks; exercise books and some other school
learning materials to the unprivileged children. 

In the mean time, we get the full ready made school uniforms from Kenya at $16 each
inclusive shipment to South Sudan. In near future, CRM shall endeavour to make
uniforms locally to avoid the overseas transport logistics and make the uniforms accessible
to all the children.

Our main goal is to enhance and improving the current status of the project and be in
position to enroll every needy child to the school .The project is also sited as an
opportunity not only to the orphaned and unprivileged children in the community but will
be hub of primary education to the children of Western Awiel for children need not to
travel 50-70km away to look for education.
This will only be achieved by building an orphanage Mission School with a fully pledged
primary school with structured formal education, offering a free feeding program and a
basic primary health care facility.

The total cost of the whole project is approximately 167, 000 USD and as cost cutting
initiative CRM has mobilized the community to help in making the project a reality. Their
contribution is  in the form of the following items:-
·Brick Making (190,050 Bricks)
·Casual Labour
·Building Water
·Sand Collection

We take this opportunity to request well wishes for their support and help in acquiring the
following remaining items:-
·Iron Sheets
·Expertise Cost
·Labour Costs
·Transport Costs
·Assorted building Materials e.g. Nails, metals etc
“We walked for days, for months, thousands of miles. We slept on the ground and often had to eat leaves to survive. People shot at us. Many boys were killed. What happened to my parents? I don’t know.”-a South Sudanese child refugee
A cup of porridge from CRM gave them the strength the peace of mind and chance to see another day; it is a way of reaching them to education way of life.
Rebuild and Restore the Lives of  Communities Devastated by War
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